Спортивные голуби России

Спортивные голуби России

Sports Pigeons of Russia

Sports Pigeons of Russia

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Thank you for visiting our website. We welcome you and hope that everyone will find interesting information here.


You can not only see photos of sports pigeons, but also buy any sports pigeon in our store or order young pigeons from your favorite pair of pigeons.

On our site are real pigeons and real pedigrees on them. All information about the pigeons which we present is reliable.    

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On this site we decided to present the history of some famous pigeon breeders, their lives, achievements in pigeon sports and of course pigeons.


They tell that it is necessary to start breeding sports pigeons with good linear thoroughbred pigeons.

Sport pigeons of Russia
This is a site for all lovers of sports pigeons.

We specialize only in purebred sports linear pigeon racing: Jan Aarden, De Rauw-Sablon, Günter Prange, C & G Koopman, Jef van Wanroy and Frank Scherens & Louis Vangramberen.


These famous races are our foundation for those pigeons that fly in competitions and show very good results. And now the choice is yours.

Only then can each pigeon breeder succeed in achieving the best results in the competition of sports pigeons.


Therefore, we offer only purebred pigeons from these greatest pigeon breeders.

Do you like pigeons?

Want to buy pigeons?

We will help you with this!

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